Spunky Beaver

Spunky Beaver

Where to start… Spunky Beaver is the combined brainchild of myself and the team at RamJam (who I gladly give full naming credit to), after a discussion about a shared passion of someday creating a beer label. Two days later and we had our very own can of Spunky Beaver to behold.

I illustrated the label featuring the lovable little critter before taking it into Studio Max, to really ramp up the believability that someday you could be holding your very own can of SB.

Then, to really ride out the wave, we worked together with the folks at Crafted Cans to get a limited batch of Spunky Beaver beers produced; not quite the same as popping down to your local for one, but we’ll get there one day…

Spunky Beaver can design
Spunky Beaver Spunky Beaver Spunky Beaver

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Spunky Beaver can design
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