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Snoopers Attic

I was commissioned by the wonderfully creative folk at Snoopers Attic to design and build a website for their collective boutique. The design had to compliment the shops’ eco aesthetic as well… Read more »

The Pretty Things

1960’s rockers The Pretty Things wanted a website as unconventional as their music, and after a few design variations we finally settled on founding members Phil May and Dick Taylor shaking a… Read more »

Hearts and Guns

I helped Hearts and Guns get their bespoke, hand-sewn clothes off the rails and onto the world wide web with this clean, minimalist eCommerce website design.

HTML5 banners

HTML5 banners

Champagne corks popped by the dozen at HTML5 HQ as Flash’s reign of terror / lunchtime-friendly games slowly became unsupported across native web browsers. But for many designers this also… Read more »