Oats Oats Boats

Oats Oats Boats

For years people have tried to put the spice back into card games via waging money, removing clothes or putting pets down as an alternative form of payment.

This is where Oats Oats Boats comes into play; a new card game devised by myself that makes gambling fun again without the risk of saying goodbye to your pet budgie whilst wearing nothing but your Christmas socks.

To begin, the first thing you’ll need is a pack of ‘Oats Oats Boats’ cards – two-thirds of which are adorned with illustrations of oats, and the other third with boats. Once the pack has been shuffled, each player receives 12 cards which are stacked in any order they see fit.

From here the rules are simple and boil down to trying to guess the correct order of another player’s cards. Moving around the table clockwise, each person takes it in turn to draw three of their cards and challenges the next player to state the correct order of oats or boats.

Should the guess be correct the player loses their cards and must place them in the center of the table (to make things more fun you can call this area whatever you like – The Drop Zone, Wembley Stadium, Papa Smurf’s Top Drawer, anything). However should the guess be incorrect, play simply moves onto the next person and all other players are encouraged to congratulate the guesser for at least having a try.

For example, Janet’s three cards read: Oats, Boats, Oats. The player to her right, Paul, incorrectly guesses Boats, Boats, Oats. Janet keeps her cards and the following example of feedback is given:
Janet – “Never mind, Paul, at least you gave it a go.
Simon – “Yes don’t worry about it Paul, it could have happened to anyone.
Derek – “Janet, do you have any milk in the fridge?

A player is eliminated once they lose all their cards, and play continues until only one remains. I’m not sure why i’m even writing this blog post anymore.